About Us

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement

TOPAZ INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD is committed to provide a safe workplace for all of its workers as to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1994, Environmental Quality Act (EQA) 1974 and any other applicable legislation, and will strive to eliminate and prevent any foreseeable hazards and risks which may result in accidents, or personal injury / illness, and damage to property and environment. It is our policy to ensure and continuously improve, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety of all employees, contractors, clients and any other persons who may directly affected by the activities of the company.

In fulfilling this commitment, Topaz will:

  • Comply with applicable HSE legal and other requirements and standards in all activities or services carried out;
  • Ensure that significant risks arising from work activities under our control are eliminated or adequately controlled;
  • Develop and implement appropriate occupational health and safety procedures and safe working practices to achieve compliance with legal requirements though good occupational health and safety performance;
  • Provide adequate resources, training and competent personnel in implementing the HSE management system;
  • Regularly review our HSE policy, objectives, management system, and performance for continual improvement;
  • Practice good personal behaviour and obey all rules and instructions implemented in all activities;
  • Continuously work towards Topaz's Safety & Health Objectives and Targets to achieve zero incidents and zero damage to property and environment.
  • Quality Policy Statement

    TOPAZ INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD is commited to provide excellent quality, safe and reliable products and services to ensure trust and confidence of our customers,statutory and regulatory requirements.

    We able to offer total customer satisfaction by providing effective and efficient project management solutions, including effective risk management, from product concept to project completion based on cost reduction, waste elimination and process variations reduction.

    Supported with our core values; i.e.,Transparency, Organizational Sustainability, Professionalism, Achievement and Zeal in promoting excellent quality, safe and reliable products services in all areas of our business processes and operations.

    We strive for continual improvement in enhancing the compentencies of all employess through effective human capital development program as well as providing safe and positive work environment and promoting opportunities towards team spirit, open communication, creative and innovative work culture.

    Therefore, in order to fulfill our commitment, we shall:

  • Take into account the leadership and compentencies of all direct and indirect personnel who may affect our business processes.
  • Demonstrate our corporate social responsibility through effective environmental, occupational safety and health policies.
  • Take appropriate action on non-conformance to prevent its reoccurence to protect the quality in oreder to reduce waste and non-productive time by using our resources effieciently.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of our Quality, Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health which shall meet applicable customers, international standards, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Review the quality, environmental, occupational safety and health policies, objectives and procedures on regular basis and whenever deemed necessary.
  • The management and all employees shall strive to achieve high sustainable quality and continually improve in its business processes performance by applying the positive attitude and mentally equipped to take any business challenges for TOPAZ INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD's future growth.