Fuel Gas Super Heater Control Panel

TOPAZ is experienced in design, manufacture, testing and commissioning of Heater Control Panel (HCP) for Fuel Gas system & Glycol Regenaration for Oil & Gas industry application. We can custom design and size up the control panel as per customer requirements.

The HCP is designed to provide precise and safe controls of electric heater using SCR power controller. The control portion processes input and output logic, remote interface and temperature control loop. The HCP is also equipped with monitoring and safety features that enable automotic shutdown. Control mode is selectable between local control and remote control (through DCS).

Product Brochures:
Fuel gas super heater control panel-rev3.pdf(1.21 MB)

Technical Specification

Power : Up to 1000kW
Current : Up to 1500A
Power Supply Voltage : 3ph 4 wires, 200-440VAC
Control Voltage : 100-240VAC
Frequency : 50/60Hz
SCR Power Control : Zero cross burst firing
DC Power Supply : 24 VDC, 10A
Metering : Volt meter, Ammeter
Over Current Protection : Fuse, MCB
Earth Leakage Protection : Earth Leakage Relay 30mA - 30A/0 - 4.5sec
Enclosure cooling : Cooling Fan
Cable Entry : Bottom or top entry
Zone Location : Safe zone
Enclosure material : Mild steel
Paint : Powder coating
Ingress Protection (IP) : IP42
Standards conformance : Petronas Technical Specification (PTS) & DEP
Options : PLC, Touch Screen Panel, Digital Power Meter


Control panel for Fuel Gas & Glycol Super Heater for safe zone area in Oil & Gas, offshore and onshore installation.